I made the mistake of reading the comments…and the number of comments from men who have mansplained…
Audrey Schreiber

Wow. ‘Mansplaining, how very…something. The most comprehensive and common sense response was from a woman.

The original writer had nothing to say of import except, ‘here’s what I believe and you should believe it too, because.’ Nothing to support her argument besides righteous indignation. If you are serious about changing things it will take something more convincing than composing an emotional manifesto with a lot of buzz words.

I’m a woman. I worked in corporate tech in the early ’80s. We’ve always been there and, if we want, always will be.

It might be a good idea to sit down and consider that most feminist’s real complaint seems to be that men aren’t women. Because that is exactly what many of us hear, especially when you use such preciously contrived words as ‘mansplaining’.

You and any woman that embraces this ‘patriarchy’ nonsense have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

When a feminist can name a single legal right that a man has that a woman does not (in the USA) then perhaps an intelligent conversation can begin. Until then you are just spewing hateful rhetoric.

And I would not presume to speak for the man to whom you responded; but I will say this; I won’t ask about your experiences because I don’t care. Believe it or not most people really don’t. We’ve all had the same experiences and got through them. You will probably have to do the same.

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