I Want to See a Gender-Swapped Version of Every Movie. Literally Every One.

You know if a woman wants to see a rehash of an already produced movie exchanging the male leads for females…? Well, go for it. But I would prefer to see a woman in an original, female written, produced and acted film. I find this nonsense of ‘gender-swapping’ already made and loved movies lazy and patronizing. Why would any woman encourage that?

To me it sounds as if women are looking to trade on the established successes of men. It didn’t work so well for Ghostbusters 2016 and that isn’t because of men not wanting to see women in the roles because of their childhoods being ruined. If you truly believe that then its possible you’ve had your head too far up feminist rhetoric for me to take your assertions as anything more than more pandering. The men I know could have cared less about the gender swapping what they cared about was the same thing me and my daughters cared about and that was that the movie was good, did something fresher than simply swapping out genders. It didn’t. It was silly, for the most part unfunny and there was nothing fresh about it.

I’d like to see more movies like Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment, and Norma Rae to name just a few. Hell, even a Hitchcock-ian thriller like Marnie would be preferable to the fluff of Ghostbusters 2016.

I’d also like to see women stop demanding representation in art created by men. There are plenty of female writers, producers and actors that could use our support. All we need is an opportunity and support to shine. Honestly, that Paul Feig’s shallow attempt at pandering didn’t work out isn’t all that concerning to me.

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