Inspiration Dose Week #45

For week 45, We’ve rounded up interesting things currently trending on social media which involving wearing simillar patterned clothes to blend in to their surrounding, invasion of collapsible text, and an interesting joint campaign done by Didi Dache and Mercedez Benz

The Coincidence Trends

First off, a very visual trend phenomenon trending on wechat, dubbed “Coincidence”, which people coincidentally wearing colors and patterns similar to their surrounding objects. Its already a popular phenomenon everywhere, but recently, its really becoming a hot topic on wechat.

Example collected from Weibo

It started with an uploaded photo of a girl student from Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics, wearing clothes that looked exactly like the fences beside her. Later on, users pick up on this and started to upload similar images replicating the initial happy coincidence, sharing it on their Weibo and WeChat moments.


People trying to match their outfit with their surroundings


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The Fun of Collapsible Text

This series of sentences written by random people to provide amusement for others with the fun of getting reversed and random outcomes from some usual beginnings, which after they see the full text, have an unexpected endings

Some of the translated example of collapsible text on wechat

When you share something very long on your moments, the last part of your sharing is always collapsed, which provoked this format of writing.

The construct is always the same with the beginning part that may seem very normal, but when you click and see more, it has an unexpected funny ending.




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A Joint Campaign from Didi Dache and Mercedez Benz

Lastly, we will showcase an interesting campaign carried out by DIDI (an app to grab a taxi in a hurry) to call on people to recall the amazing view of the Second Ring Road in Beijing, which is the most crowded but featured one combining both traditional culture and modern architecture.

the campaign visual

By setting Guinness World Record made by DIDI and Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV, together with the camera man Esteban, they take one panoramic photo of a 32.8 km view in Beijing, the negative of which is 79.37 meters long.

DIDI has made a H5 page on WeChat where everyone can witness how they made this record with only 50 yuan, which means a normal people can also afford to enjoy the same view using DIDI to take a taxi along the Second Ring Road.


Behind the scene on how they’ve made it

滴滴联合奔驰邀请了摄影师Esteban来为北京二环路长达32.8千米的风景拍摄了全景照片,照片底片长达79.37米, 创造了吉尼斯最长底片记录。


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