Did you ask enough questions?

Are you tearing your hair out post client meeting?

Well, it’s your fault then. You didn’t ask enough questions!

Most of the time when we speak with clients, especially the larger ones, we’re afraid to ask questions because of two main reasons:

  • We think the client wants us to have all the answers; and or
  • We’re too afraid to ask for fear of what it might create — insufficient product market fit being chief culprit

The problem is that if you don’t ask enough questions you’re still going to have have the information asymmetry that only questions can clear!

How many times have you come away from a meeting having discussed lots but actually discovered nothing?

Please ask more questions.

Please pause more.


Please seriously wait 6 seconds after asking a really important question. Even if they give you a short answer. Don’t jump in. Let them think on it for even a second and you’ll dig up something. I assure you.

Take your list of questions on a pad. Pre write them into an agenda. Do whatever you can to make sure you remind yourself of what you need to ask.

Finally, if something isn’t clear then ask why. The polite way to do this is to say, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. How does that work in practice?’. This will force them to give you more context around the statement.

Remember, if you come away from a client confused about process then you didn’t ask enough questions.