Eat Healthy, Live Healthy — My Healthy Journey

Part 1

Carol, 25

“It took me a while to get over FFE - (Fast Food Everyday)!”

Before I decided to start my healthy journey I had made a couple of failed attempts. I exercised once in a while and I had cheats day… every other day.😂 At some point It started to take a toll on me — I was tired all the time and I generally felt like my body wasn’t performing at 100%. This is when I made the serious decision to change my lifestyle. Healthy life, happy life! Read on to learn more about my healthy journey.

1. When did you decide to start a healthy journey?

· November 2016

2. Which changes did you have to make to your lifestyle?

· Reduce eating junk and sugary foods

· Eat more vegetables and drink lots of water

· Control my food portions especially carbs (rice, Chapati, ugali)

· Started walking more, like I’d alight a stage/distance before home and walk. I’d also walk around in the office, just to keep the body moving.

· Joined the gym

· Started cooking at home instead of ordering takeout

· Less alcohol intake

3. What difficulty/challenges did you face?

· Cravings

· Temptations from colleagues/family

· I fell off several times like I didn’t go the gym every time, I’d find myself eating junk

4. How would you describe your healthy lifestyle as per now?

· Healthier diet-more vegetables less starch

· Reduced sugar in take

· Gym 4 times a week

· Outdoor activities

· Walking more

5. Which tips would you give someone looking to join the healthy squad?

· If you fail sometime it is okay, just get back at it (Missing gym)

· Don’t have crazy expectations. It’s a lifestyle change, takes time and patience

· Don’t compare yourself with anyone, we are different

· Know your limits (diet, working out etc.)

· Join fitness groups for fitness tips and accountability (e.g. operation Loose that potbelly on Facebook)

· Learn to be self-motivated and encourage yourself. Celebrate the 2 inches on 2kgs you lose. It shows progress

· No shortcuts e.g. pills, slimming teas

Eager to learn more from Carol? Watch out for part 2 and while you wait… share with us the challenges you have faced during your healthy journey for a chance to WIN a hamper!