The best breakfast since sliced bread!

Here’s why life tastes better with Weetabix Protein.

Protein is an important building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin & blood. Your body requires large amounts of it as it is not stored in the body. Hold on… This does not mean that you should go crazy on Proteins because as you know, too much of anything is poison. Our bodies take up a modest amount from the food we consume to function well.

Now that we are done with the theory, let’s get right into the practical! (By the way wale watu walicram periodical table, life inawapelekaje? 😂)

1. Weetabix Protein as a fuel for your work out

What you eat before and after your work out is important. In many words, you need to eat a meal that will provide you with energy to fuel your work out and re-fuel the energy lost after the work out. Some of the recommended pre-work out meals includes eggs, apples, yoghurt, berries, oat while examples of post work out meals include fruit smoothies, salmon and sweet potatoes. The good news is Weetabix Protein packs the protein punch you need! You can have it together with another meal especially after a workout.

2. Weetabix Protein for growing kids

What’s better than a breakfast that will give your kids strong and healthy bones? What’s better than a breakfast that will give your kids the energy to participate in class as well in the field? That’s right, there’s nothing better. So grab some Weetabix Protein and serve it with your kids’ favorite fruits not forgetting lots of love!

3. Weetabix Protein to fuel your grind

Whether your work involves going out to the field or sitting in the office all day, kazi ni kazi meaning you will need energy regardless. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, add Weetabix Protein to the mix — No cooking skills required! It will give you energy on top of all the other benefits mentioned above.

Want more suggestions on how to eat your Weetabix protein? Well here you go and yes you’re most welcome! 😄

1. Use flavored milk.

2. Try it with your favorite yogurt.

3. Add your favorite fruits as substitutes for sugar.

4. Eat it anytime of the day. (Rules are meant to be broken)

For a chance to win a hamper, answer this for us, what’s your favorite thing about Weetabix Protein?


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