Down by law is a independent film from Jim Jarmusch. It told that three people arrest, incarceration, and escape from jail. The movie was taken in 1986. In 1986 technicolour already applied into movie. But Jim still used black and white colour. And the other prominent thing is long shoot. Many of long shoots were taken by just one fixed reservation. The film I took was in the 461 Bus on Wednesday afternoon in one long shoot, which is the way I back to home from school. So this film is telling that I wish to go home to relax because of finishing full day classes. And I do not have class on Thursday so that I do not need to rush to go home. In the film I also use black and white colour because simple colour can give more method of relaxing. And I also make the speed of the film slower and use light music to show the relaxing method. And the architectures in my film are quite contrastive between modern buildings in UTS and some feature buildings in Broadway. Also it can give me a sense of belonging form modern architecture to buildings more like a house.

Reference: Jarmusch, Jim Down by Law (1986) Opening sequence: pan shoot of the elevation of a New Orleans.

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