How To Lose Weight And Kick Menopause In The Face

I don’t know who decided that women would get the luxury of getting periods, having babies and going through menopause but I want a recount.

When the first two happen in life, I feel like they are followed with some kind of celebration. When you have your period, it’s a moment of celebration because you are not pregnant. When you do get pregnant and pop out a baby, you get to celebrate an adorable baby face staring at you. In contrast, when you are prized with menopause you are rewarded with hot flashes, night sweats, changes in your sleep, dry vaginas, mood changes and best of all weight gain.


I decided to do a little research and see exactly how you can kick menopause in the face and take your body back.

But first, a little history lesson.

When menopause decides to come visit it steals your estrogen levels. This can cause your body to use starches and sugars less effectively which can increase your ability to store fat, lose muscle mass and in turn lower your metabolism thus increasing weight gain.

Although, the loss of estrogen alone does not cause you to gain weight the disruption in hormones can affect your mood and cause you to crave “comfort foods”. In addition, hot flashes can keep you up at night and leave you exhausted the following day promoting couch sessions instead of gym sessions.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent the ever-popular weight gain that is associated with the Big M.

1. Eat more protein, fiber rich foods, vegetables, calcium and iron

2. Avoid processed foods and white sugar

3. Drink more water

4. Include strength training 2–3 times per week

5. Include stress reducing activities

Your nutritional intake is going to be a huge factor in keeping your weight and moods in check. When you are tired or pissed off about being tired we are apt to gravitate to processed foods or foods high in sugar. We want that “pick me up” feeling. The problem with this is that is spikes our insulin levels throwing our balance off even more. The best part is when our insulin levels are continually high our bodies turn every calorie into fat. AWESOME!

BUT by incorporating protein, fiber, vegetables, calcium, iron and water we can ease the symptoms.

I also recommend that you are mindful with the workouts you include. If you workout too intensely you can increase stress and increase cortisol levels. The best thing you can do it limit your more intense workouts to 2–3 times per week and then focus on more relaxing exercises such as yoga, walking or tai chi. When your stress hormones (cortisol) increase and is coupled with the fall of estrogen you start to see the fat gains around the mid section. Nobody wants that!

I wish there was a magic pill that I could sell you to stop the menopause madness but there isn’t. The best thing we can do it embrace what is happening and smile as you flip off your symptoms.

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