Before writing this blog on my laptop , I was writing it on my copy with a small fancy emergency light which was about to run out of battery.

No electricity 
No charge in the inverter
No charge in my phone 
No charge in my portable charger

My mother is playing Candy Crush on her phone , I asked her to lend me her phone but she agitated back. She is addicted to this game.
Darkness in Nepal in winter’s specially is nothing new thanks to the never ending Loadshedding. Even when there is electricity most of the times it comes with fluctuating voltage or half light they call , most of us can relate to it.

I spend 1 hour talking to myself and could hear my voice echo in the walls of my room and next couple of hours i spent reading a book i had already read (I need to get some new books) also thanks to the internet because of which i download ebooks and there is no way i could use digital device now so i had to read a physical book manually.

The perk of reading a book again has it’s own charm , i recalled lot of point’s i had forgotten earlier so i read it all over again.

How to survive darkness

  • Talk to your parent’s , trust me there is so much exciting news we could hear from our parent’s
  • Watch the stars up there , keep staring at them and visualize you reaching them.
  • Be grateful for everything you have in your life , recall the most beautiful moment’s of your life.
  • Call up a friend with whom you have lost contact for a long time (Use landline?).
  • Stare at the walls and think about what needs to be fixed in your life.
  • Talk to yourself, ask yourself what will you do when life will be filled with darkness(failure,hardships) , create your life’s strategy.
  • Think about every selfish thing you have done in the past, figure out why you did it and try to fix it gradually.
  • Enjoy darkness , embrace it , Life is much beautiful !!

Tick , Tick , Tick , Tick Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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