School of Perceptions !!

Bilal wake up…….. wake up its already 7 son !! My mother spent the entire 12 years waking me up for school and i would always be late. Phew !!! Wish i got an extra 5 mins of sleep at that point of time. But i would manage to sleep for 3 mins anyways.

Got up quickly ran to the washroom , got ready asap , i’d be tying my laces with my mother holding that glass of milk and giving me lessons of why i should sleep earlier and get up soon. I would never listen to her and give her a smile and take my luggage(school bag) and take the sprint towards the bus stop.

Well how many of you guys remember this but the moment your drifting towards the bus stop you start recalling all the assignments you had to submit , some xyz book/copy the teacher had asked, Also I would always forget the passport size photographs the teachers asked us for.

The most horrific thing that could happen early morning was missing your BUS. Well i would always self-condemn and regret getting late.

The most beautiful thing about school was meeting your friends and the real trouble of life started after being with them !!

The first period of class would be the most disheartening as you realize that you had an entire 8 periods of class left. But we still managed to mummer with our friends even though the teacher gave us that Hawk-eye look. That was skills we all acquired.

The best part of the day was the last 5 mins of the last period. However schools day were magical even though painful at times(exams:). It is the period of time when you can be as crazy as you want and you would have a bunch of buggers sharing the same mentality. haha

Tragedy happened school got over , we had no idea that the world would be so alien without school. I mean did they ever warn us that life would get so serious after school ?

How wonderful life was when all you had to do was merely study. But as they say life goes on , time waits for none. Now after 3 years when i look back i realize(accept) that i was actually lost when school got over actually most of us are lost because the world asked us to be serious with our life but we were just not ready to grow up , I still wanted my mother to wake me up maybe. I was not ready to accept to choose a career as soon as school got over because i really didn't know anything except school and friends. I did not know what was right what was wrong because life did not come with a manual book.

I did not discover my perception , i did not know WHO I WAS because my school had told me that i was mean-tempered troublemaker. But But But wait a second that was their perception not mine. Now i am a shameless creature, I talk to myself more than i talk to others , and the amazing thing is i get answers to my own questions(stupid?).

Do you know who answers them ? My perception. My perception is my reality.

Example — I see the cloud as fire but my friend when i ask him he says he saw a set of B***S. Thats perception lol

If something is wrong through my perception than it definitely is for me. Life shapes up the way you give meaning to it. I am ready to be wrong but unless i am happy. So please please audit yourself and don’t fall for fake perception of others. Your perception is your reality so build your perception based on your beliefs not others.

To all my dear juniors leaving school before you take a decision ask yourself thousand of times , IS IT WORTH IT ? IS IT MY PERCEPTION ??? You are here for a reason keep looking !!

Much love :)