Cyborg #10 Review

Anomaly is out of the closet and ready to start kicking the world while it’s down…… it’s just too bad that our hero isn’t around to stop him. That’s right, in the previous issue of Cyborg, we saw Vic discover that Anomaly has been posing as his father for awhile now and we even got into the big back story about how Anomaly came to be……… it’s Silas’ fault. Yeah, there’s more to the story to that, but it has to do with OTAC genes, discarding clones and torture to the point of sentience, which I don’t fully understand so I won’t get into it, but the big takeaway from last issue is that Cyborg might have met his match because Anomaly gives our hero a virus, causing him to go blind and as we ended the previous issue, Exxy and Cyborg went underground…….. literally, to purge Vic of the malware and to hopefully get themselves right for the next encounter with this big bad. Let’s jump into this issue and see how things are going and also, what Anomaly plans on doing to Variant now that he has her unguarded. Let’s check it out.

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