Green Lanterns #18 Review

Now that we’ve gotten our in-depth look at Jessica Cruz’ anxiety and saw Simon put his gun down in the Green Lanterns/Batman team-up, it’s time to get back to the story we were left with after the Lanterns took down Frank Laminski and that’s all about Volthoom taking over the body of Rami the Guardian. It’s funny to me because here we have the First Lantern, who took on all of the Corps’ of the Emotional Spectrum and who now is in the body of a Guardian, one of the most powerful beings in the Universe and to stand up against him we have two rookie Lanterns who have a whole ton of problems outside of being Earth’s protectors. This is going to be a weird arc, but man I hope it’s fun because I’d like to see Simon and Jessica step up and show the world what they really have. Let’s jump into this issue and find out the origin of Volthoom and see everything he went through to make him the mad god that he became. Let’s check it out.

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