Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1 Review

Written by: James Robinson
Art by: Tony Harris and Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: April 13, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

I know that we are a DC Comics site and that Marvel is supposed to be the enemy of all we hold sacred, but I’m not a dick and I love me some Star Wars. To prove that, I saw The Force Awakens twice in the theater and still haven’t seen Batman v Superman. Actually, that is more because of my lazy and cheap nature, but the facts are the facts. So, with the opportunity that Just for the Hell of it Mondays brings, I am going to review this book because…well, because it’s Star Wars. Also, I haven’t reviewed a James Robinson book since the excellent Airboy and while I expect more robots and less huge penises here, I’m sure I’ll get over that fact early and enjoy it all the same. Well, did I? Let’s find out…

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