Superman #18 Review

Well, our first Superman crossover with Action Comics is here and even though it feels like we’ve waited forever for this Reborn story to happen so we can find out what the deal is with Mr. Oz saying that Clark and his family and even the New 52 Superman aren’t what they think they are. Even though it’s been awhile, now that we’re here……. it’s weird to me that it’s already happening. I mean, I feel like we should have had some more hints and clues thrown our way up to this point, but maybe I’m just crazy. So yeah, I don’t know what Jon’s little adventure into Deadman’s Swamp in the previous issue of Superman will have to do with this if anything, but what I do know is that we’re finally going to get to the bottom of who that human Clark Kent is and what his major malfunction is all about. Let’s jump into this issue and get this crossover started so we can stop pulling our hair out at all the possibilities. Let’s check it out.

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