Cars have been symbols of personal freedom since long before the seminal Beatles song. But while owning a car is associated with choice, control, and independence, people rank buying a car as one of their least favorite experiences. The car dealer and an opaque and arduous process stand between them and the open road.

Online car marketplaces as well as car comparison and car discount sites have not significantly alleviated the pains of car buying. The experience has essentially stayed offline with low consumer satisfaction and trust and as one that many loathe.

Cazoo is setting out to fundamentally change…

Today we are excited to announce our lead investment in Contentful, a Berlin-based company transforming the content management space by going headless, who is today closing their series D funding at $33.5 million.

We first met Sascha Konietzke, CEO and co-founder, not long after the company was formed and learned about Contentful’s headless content management solution. We were intrigued by their differentiated solution, potential market opportunity and approach even back then. Furthermore, we were impressed by their passion and vision. Also, we knew Sascha and his team were onto something special to redefine an entire technology category. …

Manchester has long been known as the birthplace of iconic bands and great football. So far, it has not been known for great software companies, but we see that changing because today we are pleased to announce our lead investment in Manchester-founded, Matillion.

I was first introduced to Matthew Scullion, the Matillion CEO and co-founder, by Brain Gentile, the former CEO of Jaspersoft, a portfolio company that was acquired by Tibco in 2014. As Matthew and I started talking we quickly connected over a shared sense of values, culture and drive. This first impression was reasserted when Matthew presented to…

With the 2018 Mobile World Congress show just a few days away, the world’s eyes have diverted their attention once again to what’s coming next in mobile. Yet the biggest trends are actually happening a little more discreetly, hidden away in private meeting rooms and in corners of the event’s giant exhibition floor.

It might be less glamorous than Face ID or Gear VR, but mobile security has been soaring to the top of the priority list for enterprises growing increasingly concerned about this overlooked area of their security strategies.

The past 12 months has witnessed the emergence of dozens…

Today, we are excited to announce our investment in Wandera. We are particularly excited to be finally partnering with Roy and Eldar Tuvey.

The brothers previously co-founded ScanSafe, which was the first to deliver a secure web gateway service in a nascent market. Several years later, when ScanSafe was aquired by Cisco, it was one of the fastest growing companies in the UK and the then dominant vendor in a well established space. At Wandera the brothers brought the band back together. …

Andreas Weiskam

Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures

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