I think my encounters would not have been friendly if I was traveling with others because they would have automatically labelled us as tourists and would not be helpful.
My First Solo Trip — Paris
Catherine Kim

Hello Catherine,

Yes, we you’re 100% right on that sentence. We have a problem with some noisy and unrespectul tourists in Paris, so we tend to treat every tourist the same… But we really liked the spirit and message you put in that story !

It’s amazing how women are more courageous than men and go solo travel, while most men don’t. We met a lot of solo women travellers here, and barely any solo man ^^

Next time you come here, if you want to meet welcoming Parisians to have a chat, share a drink or explore the “Parisian side”, send us a message :)

Women should solo travel, exactly for the reasons you wrote !

JB from the Welcom’ team

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