What is Welcom’ to Paris ?

Hint : it’s a new way to discover Paris’ local life with locals :)

We are travellers (not tourists) and we want to serve the travellers from all over the world.

We asked more than 50 of them what they need to have a perfect time in Paris.

Answer : meet Parisians and share time with them experiencing Paris.

So, we’re creating a website where travellers can find genuine Parisian experiences proposed by local welcomers, and book them to enjoy Paris like never before.

Oh, what is a welcomer ? It’s a Parisian traveller, who is home between two trips.

In fact, Welcom’ is a platform made by travellers, for traveller.

To summarize :



#Experience !


Why ?

We believe that travelling without meeting people is only moving.

People make places, and Paris as well.

We want to help travellers from all over the world to experience the real Paris by meeting Parisians and sharing time with them.

For who ?

We are travellers, not tourists. If you feel that you are a citizen of the Internet Nation, you speak English, if you travel with curiosity, respect and your heart and eyes open, to meet people and get inspiration, you are more than welcome in our community.

(What is the difference between a tourist and a traveller ? We think that it’s because a traveller puts respect, curiosity and efforts into his/her trip)

What ?

Browse and book genuine Parisian experiences proposed by the welcomers. An experience can be anything that includes meeting up and sharing a great moment. 
It lasts a couple hours, and it’s only you (and your friends) and your welcomer (unlike a group tour).

(You can read more here :)

How ?

We tried to make it pretty simple : 
1) Search among the experiences proposed by the welcomers. 
2) Chose one. 
3) (Register — it’s free — ). 
4) Book the experience (by sending a message to the welcomer). 
5) Enjoy Paris like a local with your welcomer. 
6) Write a review (it helps to build trust). 
7) Repeat :)

When ?

We’re working on it right now.

Want to know when we launch the first platform ?

You can follow us, or even register on our waiting page (links below).

Thank you for reading :)

From Paris with love,

The Welcom’ team,

JB, Julien and Yohann