7 ways Weld helps your marketing team improve content marketing

  1. No Code — Only Focus On Design & Your Message

With Weld you can create websites, landing pages and animated web content simply by dragging & dropping shapes, images and smart objects — all without writing a single line of code. No more endless revisions with developers! Not only will you save development costs, you can invest that extra time in design, art direction and refining your message.

2. Responsive Design

A major challenge for digital designers is to making their design look good for any device and screen size, often losing time and resources to expensive development. Weld lets you switch between different screen sizes and preview your design live on any device, with just a click of a button.

3. Integration with popular apps & services

Make more attractive and immersive content by adding smart objects to your Weld design. Add videos, slide shows, social media feeds and connect with popular apps and services such as SoundCloud, Mailchimp and Google Map.

4. SEO optimization

With Weld, it’s easy to build a site that is perfectly optimized for search. You can create a website or landing page that has all the important SEO elements and features available for easy implementation and maintenance.

5. Animated Content

With Flash on its way out, creating web animation is tough unless you know how to write JavaScript code. Weld introduces a revolutionary and intuitively simple way to let everyone create animation by placing different action blocks together. Animated content helps improve your digital storytelling, and has proven to increase conversion.

6. Tracking & Analytics

With Weld’s Google Analytics integration, it’s easy to track your page visitors and conversion, monitor your campaign activity and do A/B testing for different content.

7. Effective Team Collaboration

Need to work together to launch a new campaign or project in just a few days? Weld’s cloud-based capability enables your team to work side-by-side on different parts of the project in real time to achieve the result more efficiently.