How Weld helps Polarn O. Pyret to streamline content production

May 23, 2017 · 2 min read
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Weld has teamed up with Polarn O. Pyret, Sweden’s well known children’s clothing brand to help them improve their digital content production strategy. Polarn O. Pyret switched to Weld from a platform that was leaving them trapped and frustrated, beside spending so much time and cost. Last week, Weld went to their offices in the heart of snowy Stockholm to sit down with their designers and marketing managers to discover their Weld success story.

“If you feel restrained from using an old CMS, this is a way to go”

Challenge: Produce interactive digital content in different languages without coding save time and cost

As a global brand with locations and online stores in more than 11 countries, each local team needs to produce their own promotional content on a daily basis. Each team was spending countless hours working revisions with developers.

Solution: Customize campaigns and centrally manage content creation without IT support and development

With Weld, Polarn O. Pyret marketing team can create and deploy customized content for each territory without IT support or external developers. Working with Weld is as easy as PowerPoint and Keynote and the result is spectacular. Weld is providing this opportunity to each inhouse team to quickly create SEO-ready and mobile-responsive content.

Results: Significant gains in productivity, conversion, and the collaborative process

With endless reviews with developers or contractors now a thing of the past, Polarn O. Pyret is saving time and cost by producing pixel-perfect animated content that helps drive conversion higher. More importantly, Polarn O. Pyret’s in-house designers can work on the same project simultaneously and their marketing colleagues are able to preview and comment live on the project.

“ We wanted to have a digital tool that is mobile responsive since most our customers are usually on mobile and we also wanted to be engaging, combining text and pictures”

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