In today’s business world, more professionals are traveling as part of their position than ever before. Whether their job includes door-to-door sales or going to offices in other cities, many professionals move in their roles. As a result, laptops have had a significant increase in demand in recent years. While some professionals prefer laptops because of their convenience, many still utilize desktops. Learn more about the benefits of having a laptop compared to having a desktop.

For many professionals working in today’s digital-based world, desktops continue to be the most beneficial piece of technology they utilize. One of the biggest…

As technology continues to evolve and expand its footprint around the world, more people are looking for ways to protect their information online. With capabilities that range from online banking to accessing medical records, there are countless pieces of information available online about a person. As a result, more spam and scams are being created each day to steal personal information. To help reduce the risk of one’s information being exposed online, technology companies are focusing on creating resources to protect personal information. …

Weliky Group of Loves Park, Illinois provides helpful tips on how to find the best deals on refurbished electronics.

In order to do a job properly, it helps to have the right tools. When it comes to graphic design, that means having the right laptop and software. MacBooks are a great fit for design work. Unlike the Windows operating system used by PCs, Apple’s macOS is regarded as a less complex program. The simpler system is more capable of handling large workloads and running several big programs at once. Since graphic design relies on Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other complex software, macOS is a great fit for the industry.

Some of the best laptops for graphic designers are in…

Steve Jobs was a pioneer in technology and serves as one of the greatest inspirations for start-up entrepreneurs today. Apple is a global fixture today, but the company started off just like any other — an idea. From its humble start in a garage in 1979 to a multi-billion-dollar corporation in 2020, here is a short history of Steve Jobs’ legacy.

Apple Begins
Steve Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak, met in 1971 through a mutual friend, Bill Hernandez. Hernandez would later become one of Apple’s first employees. Jobs and Wozniak were something of pranksters in college, and it was their…

This pro writing app eliminates distractions with its clean, minimal interface. Unlike a word processor, Ulysses isn’t crowded with formatting features that prevent users from exporting documents. Ulysses is ideal for authors, screenwriters, podcasters, and anyone who needs to focus on the words.

Once installed on a MacBook, Duet Display will transform a portable Apple or Android device into a second monitor. It’s invaluable for people who travel with a laptop and iPad. Duet’s lag-free speed lets users stay productive across two screens.

Paprika Recipe Manager
Paprika is the smartest cooking software on the market. It synchronizes recipes and…

If you’re like most MacBook owners, you’ll want some accessories to extend its usability and perhaps express your personality. Here are four accessories to consider.

Card Reader
For under $12, the Vanja Card Reader allows you to connect an SD or MicroSD card to your MacBook to access any content that might be on those cards. Although some people have used a workaround in which they insert a card into their phones or a similar device and connect those to their computers, this is a cumbersome workaround. A card reader like this one that has both USB-C and USB 2.0 ports…

A laptop is an essential piece of technology because it allows you to be productive from nearly any location. While computer technology is constantly being upgraded, it is much more cost-effective for the consumer to use the same computer for several years. The only way to do this is by preventing it from getting damaged. A laptop with external or internal damage will eventually stop working properly over time. These are the four best ways to prevent long-term laptop damage.

Use Protective Accessories
There are a number of different accessories you can add to a laptop to protect it from damage…

The impact of the novel coronavirus strain COVID-19 is already apparent across the world. NASA has shared photos of Chinese skies, which are clearer as production has shut down, and citizens have become shut-ins. However, Americans and American businesses have also felt the pressure due to coronavirus as well.

Among the many ways that coronavirus has proven costly, the hit that stocks and markets have taken remains a telling sign. China, which produces many of the goods sold around the world, has paused many factories, and the impact reached overseas even before the virus did. Before the spread of this…

Apple unveiled a 16-inch MacBook that is all new. This 16-inch MacBook Pro is designed for developers, scientists, photographers, filmmakers, music producers, and anyone else who relies on a Mac for creating the best works of their lives. Its 16-inch Retina Display is brilliant, and it features 8-core processors, up to a huge 64GB of memory, graphics that are next generation with as much as 8GB of VRAM, as well as a new thermal design that is advanced. All these features add up to the MacBook Pro with the most power yet.

Largest Retina Display
Pros enthuse over the brilliant 500…

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