8 Things Every Person Should Do After 8 P.M.
Benjamin P. Hardy

3 Things Every Person Should Do While Grooming and Cleaning…

When I read this article I did a few things.

I emailed my wife.

I shared the shit out of it.

I remembered the idea of habit-linking, I think from #thepowerofhabit by Charles Duhigg.

This pre-bed time is something we all share and do, at some hour (less and less in-godly in my life I can say proudly). What a powerful way to get us doing things FOR ourselves. Thank you Benjamin Hardy.

Which brings me back to habit-linking. I play shyly with sharing this simple idea, but I’m excited about it changing so much for us… here goes…

  1. #Explore standing on one leg while brushing your teeth
  2. #Play with bracing your core when scrubbing dishes or tubs
  3. #Discover the deep pleasure of stronger lower abdominal control while, you know… doing it…

… and now it’s 8.15 so it’s time to build a new night-time routine!