On your marks. Get set. Go. The fourth Facebook goldrush just started.
Jeremy Liew

Go time.

All signs are pointing to being vulnerable and sharing. Scary stuff, but I get it. I’ve had to surround myself with people to push me to share and take these risks but I hear you loud and clear, Jump in.

My start-up is Game Without Pain and it’s our mission to bring health and fitness to the gaming industry. We just started with twitch, but clearly we’ve got to get a few devices up and streaming FB, Periscope and YouTube Live.

My question is and will be, how do we interact with people here, how do I prioritize and schedule my time to connect with the most people I can and be of service while I’m “available”.

I’m excited and terrified to actually be so close to making the difference I want to make and connecting with as many people as I’ve dreamt of.

Wow… it’s OK to want some hands to hold right?!!