Eat, Commute, Work, Commute, Sleep, Repeat… Where is this leading us?

Hi there! If you are a roomie coming from Whats App, thanks for clicking the link! Hahaha, really all we do at wellcome is for you so I really appreciate you take your time to hear about the community you are part.

If you are not a current or former roomie of wellcome, I also thank you for your curiosity! the coliving concept is not something well known yet, but we are working hard so everyone understand it and also enjoy it!

Now, going right to the topic of this article, have you ever wondered about how many hours do you spend commuting to your work? If you are lucky and found something near to your apartment you may spend from 30 min to 1 hour daily, and even that’s a lot! Imagine what you could do with that 5 hours per week: take a course, learn a new language, read a book, anything you want to!

On the other hand, if your are part of that majority that spends 4 hours daily to get to their job and come back (yes, you read it right, D-A-I-L-Y), wow, I feel very sorry for you, I can get you a discount so you can move in with us right now!!! (Just send me a message, you can find me directly here 😉

Falling on this routine is a sure early death.

You’ll be caught in an endless cycle of eating, commuting, working, commuting, sleeping, eating… We know that you don’t want that. So, you may have heard about co-workings, that work model for entrepreneurs to manage their time and office to work, enabling the ability to change of location as much as you like, talking about CDMX, you can be one day at Polanco and the next at Roma Norte. But would you do if a tell you there is another way? A better way…

If you are interested you need to know about “coliving”. Coliving or co-living, is a new way of living on the most crowded cities around the globe. Born by the necessity for affordable accommodation, young creative people were living under regular department renting systems but working on this alternative spaces called co-workings. Until one day, someone decided to merge the co-working concept with the housing business (such a wonderful idea in my opinion) and created what we know as coliving.

A normal day at a coliving can go like this:

7 am. You wake up

7:30 am. You go downstairs to the gym (sponsored by the coliving, included in your regular monthly bill, all services included so you don’t have to worry about anything but your own development and joy).

8:30 am: Finish your routine and go upstairs to the apartment to take a shower.

8:45 am: Have a breakfast with your roomies, may be partners or co-workers, discuss about new ideas, trends or your current project. Get feedback from each other.

9 am. After you take your time to develop some concepts for your work you go into business, take your laptop, sit in the living room and get to it.

12 pm. You take a creative break, may be talk with your friends, read a book or play video games.

12:30 pm. Get back to your business, inspired and relaxed, with the perfecto mood to continue and improve your work.

2 pm. Go to eat something, call a friend or ask a roomie to join you.

3 pm. Share some ideas and ask for your roomies to give you feedback of your progress and get new insights.

4 pm. Apply those ideas to your project. Keep collaborating with people at the apartment.

6:30 pm. Receive an advice from your community leader of the coliving about where you can hang out. Ask who else wanna go, get an Uber and go straight there.

7:00 pm. Hang out with your friends.

10:00 pm. Receive a call from your community leader to crash into a VIP party (this doesn’t happen everywhere, but wellcome do it often 😎).

Well, basically this could be your daily routine, speaking roughly. “Today everyone is a worker who exploits himself in his own company,” writes the philosopher Byung-Chul Han in Psychopolitics. “Each one is master and slave of theirselves”.

If you are up for changes and want to experience a high standard living, we are waiting for you. This is about people getting more of what they want and getting rid of what they don’t.

Facebook / wellcome rooms
Instagram / @wellcome_rooms
Whatsapp / + 52 (55) 48233860




Life is only real when shared. We are the Wellcome co-living Community Leaders, what’s up?

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Wellcome Team

Wellcome Team

Life is only real when shared. We are the Wellcome co-living Community Leaders, what’s up?

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