Life Cycles: Nomadism and Sedentarism

Welcome back! This time we bring an interesting topic: “Life Cycles”. All of us have heard at least once about life cycles and how they apply in every subject that we can imagine: Music, Fashion, Design, etc.

So, talking about lifestyle it would be something to keep in mind, but in latest years, we have so interested in technology and have been pushing it so far that now affects directly our lifestyle, from household appliances to smartphone apps.

This immersion between tech and lifestyle was bringing new habits and facilities, but right now we are living a tipping point, where technology is not only bringing new things but also making possible to revive old activities, like sedentarism.

We return to the primitive. If thousands of years ago the discovery of agriculture made us rethink our way of working and inclined to sedentarism, now the new technologies inoculate the virus of nomadism again.

The coworking ended at the coliving. Both models of coexistence have demonstrated solvency as a business. In recent times, a step has been taken with the birth of a network of coliving houses distributed throughout the world to provide housing and friends to digital nomads. The goal is to create a new vital model. That there are people without a fixed house whose life is a continuous transit of coliving in coliving.

It can be interpreted in two ways, as work is increasingly eaten parts of our existence or as our vitality and enthusiasm floods as never working hours until we uproot our natural “modus vivendi”.

This is our bet in Wellcome, we are a company with houses and departments in Mexico, mostly in Mexico City but also with growing plans looking to Guadalajara, Monterrey, Quintana Roo and other areas within the country.

We are driven by community philosophies, we know life is only real when its shared. The better things happen when we are open to the world, when we expect nothing and focus in the present. Past is important to understand where we are and future is also very important because we need goals to keep going, but we have to realize the only place where things happen is today, is now; and all of our efforts must be focused on living a better today.

“Home”, is the word we use to describe each place; and “family” is how we call our community. In previously articles we wrote “people need people” and we still believe it. One of our goals is that you come to an unknown country and meet with people who guide you, accompany you and also stimulate your work and your creativity through the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Today you can work and enjoy at the same time, and the people who come with us understand and learn that.

As always, here is our contact data, we hope to hear from you soon and help you to enjoy co-living in Mexico. Become a nomad

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Instagram / @wellcome_rooms
Whatsapp / +52 (55) 3036 8361

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