Sharing Life With Co-Living

Hello once again! As every week here we are to share with you more info about co-living and your opportunities to enjoy it in Mexico through Wellcome.

In a world marked by scarcity of resources, labor flexibility and the pragmatism of millennials, who prefer to pay for goods and services to borrow from houses or cars, the old goal of establishing and living alone begins to lose meaning.

Inspired by the philosophy of ‘coworking’, which allows the sharing of the work space with a great diversity of people (including entrepreneurs and employees of other companies) more and more young people are betting to share also the space they inhabit.

Many times, the motivation to do so is economic. This way of living not only keeps companies afloat, but also allows to free resources for other common interests, such as travel.

This is one of the many ways Wellcome is able to help the community. “All services included”, unique monthly bill, Wi-Fi, Netflix account per department, filling roomies agendas with cultural and business activities, etc. We are committed to raise the bar of living standards.

“Executive class” as a creative way of living, this is what drives us to be better and deliver you excellent service. We only live once, but if we do it well, once is more than enough.

The next frontier of co-living is the real estate developments directed from its origin to the digital nomads, these new professionals who can work from anywhere in the world and are in no hurry to finish their trip.

As always, here is our contact data, we hope to hear from you soon and help you to enjoy co-living in Mexico.

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