Harnessing Inner Magic

The process of harnessing inner magic has been the most powerful and game changing work in my personal life and my business.

Over the past few years I have been growing as a practitioner / business owner / friend / daughter / girlfriend / healer / human.

I have thrown myself into the ring over and over again. I have constantly hit hurdles, upper limits and more. In this process by far the most essential has is to always be harnessing inner magic.

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s important to pay attention. For many of us who live in urban areas, have busy schedules and are on the go it can be hard to note the little moments that we get.

You know when you are in the end of a hectic day, you’re driving in your car, on the way to an event. It’s a crowded neighborhood, it’s 6:20 your event starts at 6:30 and looking for parking is disheartening. It means turning right, then, right then right again, circling around the block and praying something opens up. Well, lucky you, at 6:28, that car, parked up to the right, their lights just flipped on and their blinker turns on. You push the brakes and breathe a sigh of relief while also mentally popping a bottle of champagne to CELEBRATE. *This* moment, *this* small action in your day, is step one to inner magic. It’s not finding the parking space, it’s paying attention.

Step 1 of harnessing inner magic — PAY ATTENTION. We have all experienced these moments or days or weeks where things just fall into place.

There are a ton of other words for it; flow, alignment, connection. It’s when you meet someone new who you have been wishing to work with or befriend. It’s running into someone you were just thinking, “oh, we need to catch up.” It’s getting a free drink at the bar just because. It’s the finding that amazing parking space at 6:28 with 2 minutes to spare to show up on time.

These moments often seem serendipitous and like dumb luck. We brush past them quickly and forget to notice. I encourage you to notice them because they are clueing you in to what is SYNCHRONISTIC and what you are MANIFESTING in your life. They are an external reflection of your internal ALIGNMENT.

(*NOTE TO USERS* when things are not going your way — try not to judge it as shitty or bad, these are still clues to pay attention and maybe you are compromised or over compromising. And Step 2 gets extra important when things are not going your way)

“If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.” -Sister Act (yup, click the link and sing it in your head all day)

Step 2 — Cultivate a practice of DEEP Self-Care. I encourage and invite you to play with all the different ways to take care of yourself. This process is not to tell you “how-tos” or to judge.. (I do have a TON of tools, and am happy to share some of those IF you are interested)

Self-care changes constantly. It’s hard to keep up unless you are practicing it. I am an acupuncturist and acupuncture is a great tool! So is massage, or a facial or your treatment of choice. Sometimes self-care is FUN. Or indulgence. It could be a night out on the town that has too much booze and you’re even hungover the next day. This can serve you just as much as a home cooked meal and a night in alone to read and rest. You be the judge. You cultivate YOUR practice. But always, 1. pay attention and 2. practice DEEP self-care.

“Call it what you want, but self-care isn’t some new-age bullshit idea. It works. Taking care of oneself is actually one of the best ways to grow your business.” — The Cut, Dayna Evans

Step 3 — Stay Curious. Keep exploring. Take yourself out for a night on the town alone. Go to museums, the ballet, the beach. Travel. Journal. Network. Expose yourself to new people, and scenes even in your hometown. This helps your growth exponentially. There’s no better way to say it than Roald Dahl.