Benefits of Plaquex Therapy

( — Perhaps you’ve heard of Plaquex therapy, which has been in use for nearly 60 years and involves giving and oral supplement or infusion of phosphatidylcholine, which is composed of phospholipids isolated from soybeans. Amazingly, these phospholipids can have some pretty profound effects on the body — in a good way! What are some of the benefits of Plaquex therapy, which is becoming more and more common to treat different health conditions?

Treat Atherosclerosis

As you know, atherosclerosis is when fat deposits are made in your arteries and blood vessels. This increase in bad cholesterol — or more commonly known as LDL — can be the result of many things, including poor diet and damage from free radicals and toxins. Scar tissue and plaque forms in the blood vessels and arteries and blood flow is restricted, inflammation occurs, and then a stroke or heart attack could happen.

In order to treat atherosclerosis with Plaquex, an infusion of Plaquex is given to the patient. Due to the fact that the plaque built up in the arteries is largely made up of calcium and cholesterol, the Plaquex effectively removes the cholesterol by building up good cholesterol to help reverse atherosclerosis.

Increase Good Cholesterol

The buildup of LDL is your system can be responsible for the onset of heart disease and atherosclerosis. By increasing your good cholesterol — otherwise known as HDL — you can effectively reverse your heart disease and improve the quality of your blood as well as circulation with Plaquex.

Plaquex therapy reduces plaque and bad cholesterol and increases your good cholesterol, which can help to normalize the arteries, repair cell walls, and improve the nutrients that are exchanged between these walls in order to help your body be healthy and resist heart disease.

Look and Feel Younger

Although today we’re bombarded by products and procedures that are less than natural and organic to make us look and feel younger, many of these products are toxins in themselves and aren’t able to offer tangible results.

Plaquex is something different. Developed years ago originally to diminish embolus (fat deposits akin to blood clots) during surgery, during the 90s it shifted to treat heart disease and clogged arteries. The side effects? Looking and feeling younger.

Plaquex does more than boost good cholesterol and clear out the arteries. It can increase circulation, boost sexual function, and even lead to looking and feeling younger. It does this by rejuvenating cell membranes — effectively made of phospholipids, the same molecule that’s isolated from soybeans to perform Plaquex therapy — in order to strengthen them, increase your body’s support and function of them, and increase the exchange of nutrients and the elimination of wastes in your cells.

Although your major organs such as heart and liver benefit from Plaquex therapy, doctors who have performed the procedure for years noticed that their patients both looked and felt younger, with increased energy, libido, and health. Because phospholipids are present in every cell membrane throughout your body, Plaquex therapy benefits include anti-aging in addition to heart health!

Repair Liver Damage

Although Plaquex needs to be given as an infusion to help heart patients, Plaquex can also be taken as an oral supplement to help detoxify the liver and improve liver function. The phospholipids used in Plaquex are absorbed by the liver and help your body to repair the cell membranes, encourage the liver to properly detoxify, and repair any existing damage.

Plaquex is also designed to treat liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and even to help the liver heal in cases of hepatitis B and C. Plaquex therapy can help reduce inflammation and increase enzyme function. When taken orally, Plaquex therapy could be an effective treatment for many ailments of the liver and to help restore any damage that has occurred.

Plaquex therapy is beginning to be widely used across Europe and even now in the United States. Usually only ten to twenty treatments of Plaquex are needed to see results, but the dose and frequency will vary depending on the patient and what they’re looking to accomplish with Plaquex therapy.

The benefits of Plaquex therapy are numerous. From repairing liver damage, treating heart disease and atherosclerosis, increasing good cholesterol, and even helping you to look and feel younger, Plaquex therapy could be one of the most beneficial and safe organic treatments out there!

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