Onam to be always within every one’s mind : Poojaneeya Rishidev Narendranji

South Indian festival Onam is the celebration commemorating truthfulness existed during the reign of King Mahabali and it should be there always in one’s mind and every day we should celebrate Onam within ourselves, says Paramapoojaneeya Rishidev Narendranji. In his blessing speech during the Jiva Onam celebration at Jiva Pranava Kendra, Nedumbasserry, the ascended master added. Onam is the mark to respect King Mahabali. It is the respect to truth. This is Sathya Yuga and in this Age truth is getting importance.

It is our message for this festive occasion that the mind should be always happy. In this context it is to be noted that people are getting worried for even trifles. They get instant sadness and start reacting. There occur instances of irrational feeling. Some time back soon after Gurupada pooja followed by the padanamaskar, devotee expressed an ill feeling on his face. He asked, ‘Guruji, are you angry with me for anything?’ He continued.” I tried very much in vain to find out your feet while doing padanamaskar. I am afraid guruji might have withdrawn the feet so as to avoid me.” It was then we got why he thought like that. During the gurupada pooja the feet were covered with flowers. In order to feel ease the feet were moved back a little. That’s all. But the person mistook and got emotional on thinking of it as a deliberate action. This shows how people view situations and get upset. There are situations in which the state of love or affection gets disturbed.

In certain situations one has to take it in its own way. Some time back a person asked a funny question that if Guruji is asked to deliver a speech before a herd of buffaloes, what would be done? Our answer was given to him like this, ‘we would speak before the buffaloes without hesitation. Further, it would be nice to speak to buffaloes. You know, buffaloes have many qualities when compared with most of the humans. Buffaloes will not drink alcohol, they will not smoke cigarette, they will not eat non veg food, they will not speak ill of others, they will not seduce little buffaloes and so on.”

Speaking on the importance of happiness in life Rishidev Narendranji urged all to enjoy all kinds of happiness so as to make the mind peaceful and hassle free. The happiness is to be sustained in the fundamental state. Every one should strive for maintaining a happy society. Reform oneself first and through individual transformation social transformation will be made possible.

When it is said that you are the part of the Supreme Creator Sarveswara you should make clear the path of return to Sarveswara and for this the soul should be clean and pure. Speak about only what you think about and do as you speak out. It Is not necessary to speak out everything one thinks. But the words uttered should be truthful, precise and accurate. And no one shall be obstinate to make others do what you cannot do.

Now coming to punctuality. One should move along time. You have to be with time. Time should not be controlled by mind. Punctuality cannot be defined as doing something before time or after time. Every action should be done in time. It is karma when you travel with time. When going behind time one gets anxiety.

An organization is like a vehicle. All the parts should work together in balance to make the vehicle move smoothly. In an organization each member has his own powers and limits. The parable of the heated discussion by the organs in a body very well explains about this humorously. One day the human organs started arguing about which organ is the most important one in man. Brain came at first and claimed that it is the most important organ without which nothing is possible. Then came the heart which boasted about its functions. Hearing this the lungs interrupted challenging all other organs. Then came kidneys which tried to establish the inevitable prime role . Large intestine and small intestine quarreled each other and vied for getting to the top. Then the mouth opened and told that no one can say anything without it. Ears interrupted and claimed no one can hear anything and no one can communicate without ear. The argument went on like this until the anus spoke out. Before saying anything the anus blocked its path and asked all the other organs to wait a few minutes. For an hour anus stopped its function. When the body could not fulfill the nature’s call the whole body became upset. Thus all the organs realized that every organ is inportatnt only in its own way. This very well illustrates that in the society no one is small or no one is big. One has to do his work promptly to maintain the rhythm of life. Then only the message of Sarveswara will reach and spread everywhere, Rishidev Narendranji concluded.

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