Faith to discover and Walk with God

Hebrews 11: 5

By faith Enoch was translated not to see Death, because God took him to himself

Because he obtained a testimony and it pleased God

When sin enters Adam, it automatically shatters its intimacy with the Creator of all things, the relationship of friendship with God that was real now only remains in the memory.

Understanding the genealogy of Adam to Enoch

Genesis 4:25 Intimacy as Remembrance

Men of Construction = Adam

Seven = the surrogate son who entered the place of Abel murdered by his brother Cain, who after the fall was the man who returned to seek intimacy with God

Enos = It was a Mark in his time where everyone began to call upon the name of the Lord

Cainan-Maalaleel and Jerebe were men of Construction who passed on the story that A man had once had Intimacy with the Creator

Enoch can understand and break to the point of conquering the Intimacy and Relationship Adam once built with God.

When you understand the real purpose of faith … you will probably deconstruct preaching concepts that you have heard and still hear in our day.

A faith intertwined only to meet needs, always taking things from God

When in fact the Real Purpose of Faith was never to meet Needs

But it was for man to approach God and build a relationship with the Creator

Romans 10:17 Faith cometh by hearing the good news, and the good news cometh by the word of Christ.

1-Hear the Good News = Beginning of the Christian walk where we are taken to the first level of faith in training for improvement … where everything we pray we obtain through faith in Christ Jesus … until now ok

But when the text repeats the Good News once more and that it comes by the Word of Christ

It typifies a perfected Faith … You are not speaking of someone preaching and you are listening

You are speaking of Christ’s Own Word being inserted into your spirit

Because God shares his revelations and desires in the spirit of Man

And you can only realize this when you have an understanding of what the Purpose of Faith really is.

“Faith is not for you to live by taking things from God, but Faith is for You to discover God and walk with Him every day”

Enoch understood this and therefore pleased God and was taken by God not to see Death.

By Wellington Rodrigues