A few gifts for our users

In this holiday season, exchanging gifts is always a high-point and, at Wemap, we definitely want to be a part of that tradition.

So, according to our early-users’ wishlists, we expanded our tutorial and Help sections!

First of all, if using the app, click on the ‘Menu’ button on the upper-left. Second from the bottom, click on ‘help & feedback’ before then clicking on ‘Help’. You will find there some answers to the frequently asked questions.

We’ve also published a number of video tutorials for the iPhone and web-version of Wemap on getwemap.com.

Hopefully most of the answers you’re looking for will be found in these resources.

In addition, some of you have informed us that upon opening the latest version of Wemap in iOS8, you end up somewhere off the coast of Ghana.

We’ve identified the cause of this phenomenon (you’re being sent to 0º, 0º by the way) and have included a fix in the next version of the app that will be released by Apple soon.

Already you can correct this behavior by allowing Wemap to use your location in the Privacy Settings of your iPhone.

We hope you enjoy your gifts and look forward to sharing the memories of the holiday season with you via Wemap. Tony and the Wemap team

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