I, Racist
John Metta

I am trying to work on being a better ally and person by coming to terms with my own privilege. I try to speak out in real life and social media to get other white people to understand and come to terms with their own privilege and acknowledge institutionalized racism as well as internalized biased. I am continually trying to work on myself. I try to listen, and get other white people to listen and learn from people of color.

I know I could do more. I want to be more effective and if you, or other people that read this, have any suggestions, please share them with me: books to read, movies to watch, actions to take, organizations to join to work on creating a just system and safe place for all.

I find that when I speak up, often I am discounted as just “trying to be PC” or that I am an “oversensitive person” or even “crazy.” I find that many white folk not only don’t want to listen to people of color, they don’t want to listen to ANYONE that will speak up to say people of color are not treated equally/fairly.

I have witnessed what you have described in this post/article. Many of the people that I have seen turn their heads when racism has been pointed out to them are people that would self describe themselves as being socially concerned “culturally competent” liberals. Part of the problem seems to be they feel that they are “so aware” that they don’t fully recognize how their privilege blinds them to understanding other people’s experiences.

Trying to figure out what to do about it and be a better ally. Suggestions? Other perspectives?

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