A Letter To Sheryl Sandberg
Katie Hafner

Sometimes someone can articulate feelings in a way that moves me to tears and resonates so closely that I feel it in my bones. You wrote this piece dedicated to Sheryl Sandburg and her grief — it moved me today.

As we approach Mothers Day on the 17th year of my mothers passing, I read this raw recollection of grief and it brings me back to the days of my most raw grief and reminds me that while life goes on around us, loss is very real — and its hard to imagine going on — but we do…..

I am am a mom and that should be enough to help me enjoy Mothers Day but every year, in the days leading up until the morning after Mothers Day I am melancholy, cranky and generally speaking, unhappy. My grief finds me and reminds me that I have real loss in my life — and I struggle to smile and enjoy the day like I want. Loss is real! Thank you for sharing your thoughts — they resonate across many losses.

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