By: wendykessiahalfaro

A heart that’s new

Never know how the wind blew.

It’s filled with fear and hate

But the heart will never know how it’s made

Only one thing that the heart knows

Is that loving will always be the most

Even dark colors passed by

The heart will stay strong and won’t die

Loving is always the motto of the heart

But one day it’s started to break apart

The heart doesn’t know what to do

But only to be filled with sadness and flu

It tried to heal but it won’t do

After many years it gave up the fight

Never will it saw the light

But another heart came in

Then gave some words to it

“pain will always bring you down

But don’t make yourself frown

There will be some pain that’s left

But I know you’ll never regret

Because love will make you risk

Happiness in a disk

It may be scratched

But you’ll have a batch

Of lessons that can intact

Will make you wise

And happy in the act”

After that the other heart left

And the heart always kept

Those words who got in its head

That pain will always be a downfall

But you’ll never regret and feel awful

Instead feeling happy to love

And be loved at all.

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