While I completely understand your disillusionment and support your demand for a more diverse pool…

As I mentioned in the piece, I’ll be switching Independent first and foremost. After that I’ll have to decide if I’m voting for Hillary Clinton or someone like Jill Stein. I will not sit out the vote as I do believe that is a vote wasted at best, a vote for the other side at worst.

But if I can get away with voting Stein, someone who more closely aligns with me than Hillary Clinton ever will, without hurting the Dems then I will do just that. I live in a very blue state so a Green vote may be safe ground.

You bring up a worrisome trend, though, I admit. You can see how my peers and I feel about this. We’re so reluctant to reward someone like Hillary Clinton or Debbie Wasserman Shultz with our support after the election they’ve run that many of us don’t want to give them our vote at all.

I feel that voting Green may allow me to largely follow my morals without sitting the election out. I don’t know how many of my peers will do likewise and it does worry me. There’s a cost to Bernie and his cohort peeling off the mask of the Democratic party: it makes it incredibly hard to go back and vote for them when this is all over. They Live seems like a relevant metaphor:

The last thing I’ll say is this: I hate the idea of voting for fear of the GOP, and I hate the idea of coalescing around someone we just don’t believe in. That said, the rhetoric, ideas and policies the GOP have put forth this cycle are so reprehensible, so vile and so backward I truly fear for the minority groups of this country if rich white kids all decide to throw in the towel on democracy.

Whether it’s pastors advocating for Jew hunting and gay killing (they endorsed Cruz), a preacher saying Bernie needs to be “saved” (that one was for Drumpf), Ted Cruz’s Muslim neighborhood policing policy or Drumpf’s intentions to commit actual war crimes, these are Judas goats if I’ve ever seen ’em. And we’re the fresh meat.

All of that said, spending four years under a Clinton administration sounds like step backward even from President Obama. A that’s assuming she can win against the GOP, which… is less of a sure thing as compared with Bernie.

I’m hoping for a different outcome. We shall see.

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