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Sure, you can drag out examples of a few who will disagree, even Trump got a black man to diminish #blacklivesmatter. That doesn’t mean that that these people don’t feel discrimination as a group.

I think you’re misunderstanding my point. The folks I linked to — did you click through to them? — are claiming the exact opposite of what you’re suggesting. I’m not picking the one black Conservative who thinks BLM is a waste of time. I’m talking about the hardcore radical leftist folks in these demographics who find Hillary Clinton incredibly difficult to support.

But more broadly than that, it’s frustration that they’re being used as political pawns (i.e. “vote HRC for the sake of your POC/LGBTQ neighbor”) that the people I linked out are responding to. It’s not a counter argument to the privilege line, but rather something to consider when you make broad claims about who is or should be supporting Clinton.

That doesn’t mean that that these people don’t feel discrimination as a group.

Never in a thousand years have I or would I suggest this isn’t the case. See above.

If Trump wins these groups will suffer the worst of it.

I don’t disagree.

And every Bernie Bro will have to answer for it.

Again, this is a bad argument for the reasons I outlined in the piece. We didn’t pick this candidate. Her struggles in the polls have been long understood and the party decided she was still the best option. Don’t blame us. Instead go back to policy and draw contrasts between Drumpf and Clinton on policy. That’s a better line of persuasion.

So vote your conscience. But don’t expect the rest of us to support your selfish, priviledged choice.

I never said I’m “voting my conscience” or not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Don’t expect us to listen to your sorry excuses of “Hillary did _____, so I can’t support her.”

If you can’t listen to and accept critiques of your candidate you’re going to have a hard time winning over lefties. Just my two cents. Forgetting the optics of her fame/notoriety, she’s been involved in plenty of justifiably eyebrow raising imperialism abroad that I think folks are right to bring up.

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