As a ‘tweener, at the tale end of Generation X, and arguably the leading edge of the Millennials…
J. L. Barlow

You make an excellent point. Something I try to do — though I’m not always succesful at it — is highlight generational trends without painting with broad strokes about entire groups of people. My grandmother (born in ’33) felt much the same way I do, as does my mother (born in ‘66). There are a lot more where they came from.

But speaking in general trends, Millennials are more fluid and liberal on a host of issues (according to Pew polls, etc.), and Edge even more so. And we’re set to take the driver’s seat in a big way seeing as we outnumber even the Boomers.

So getting back to your point, I deeply appreciate the work some of your generation put in. Remember the people we’re lauding as Millennials are often from that generation (see Tulsi Gabbard, for a quick example). Elizabeth Warren’s also a good pick as she’s a Boomer, but clearly has the youth vote at heart. And then, of course, there’s Sanders who was simply ahead of his time.

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