What’s the Difference?

When starting out on social media, we never really cared to stop and think about the consequences. A question like ‘What bad things could happen on social media?’ never pop up on our minds when signing up to use social media. And most of all, we don’t read the terms of agreement. At least I don’t at all, except a tiny bit the first time.

Growing up, I was never keen on the different social media sites. Not even the popular ones that just got started. But for people who follows the growth and popularity of the social media sites, they will jump from one to the next or use both. Nothing new, we all love to connect with other people and learn more. And social media is good for families; what could go wrong?

However, learning from social media has its bad points. We always see social media where models look a certain way or changed by retouching the photograph to give the public a good image and the beauty of such good figures. And most of the time it will affect the young people for a perfect looking image of their body. Images such as:

1) model figures

2) images

3) beauty

4) weight loss

5) muscle building

which can lead to issues in a person’s body. Images on social media aren’t what it seems and we certainly can’t follow them with good long-term results.

We can see this happening mostly with young adults. Perri Klass, M.D., a writer for The New York Times, stated that they took a survey and a lot of young women are taking laxatives to try to become very thin whereas a lot of young men are using products to help them bulk up and become more muscular. Why does this concern social media? To begin with, it’s by using social media do company’s make a high profit by spread the word out to the public. And know that women want to be thin and men want to be muscular, the product will be very popular. And the reality is, “The representations of ideal appearance in society are very restrictive and very unrealistic both for men and for women. They portray bodies that are unattainable by healthy means,” Rachel Rodgers, a counseling psychology researcher, stated. Such harsh reality in body images.

And for people to start looking for an image or model to follow, it starts as early as being a teen. And it’s not always the same model, since all models have their beauty and good looking figures we want to copy. Never a good sign to follow what models do. And what about the youngest age group starting with social media. Nowadays, I see elementary kids carrying iPhones around. And most likely have some sort of social media on them.

I would have never thought social media can have such bad side effects. For me, social media have always been a place where I can chat with my friends and heard something new about their day. I’ve never really pay attention to the wider range of social media and I certainly haven’t cared much about them. Perhaps that’s I had avoided the bad outcomes that other people went through. Till now, I had trusted social media to be safe and reliable. Now, I see that using social media, people cannot be trusted. Especially when teenagers look at friends on social media and seeing photos that have been modified and viewed them as something real.