the morning dew // january one

matt werbach

I hope you’ll enjoy following along as I catalog and journal my way through what is sure to be a very unique 2018. Around this house, we’re calling it Twenty Great-Teen, in our own version of “if you will it, it is no dream.” I don’t want to focus on the year though. That stuff is so temporary and fleeting. We know there is no relationship to the number of times the earth has revolved around the sun since the birth of Jesus the Christ and things that happen to us during our day to day lives.

Instead, I’d like to tell you about what the coming months and days, and potentially the coming years, are looking like from our perspective. See, I’m starting a business tomorrow. Yes, literally tomorrow. And this business will someday employ Ann as well, but for now, we’re starting small. I know, you’re worried, excited, surprised, couldn’t care less. Rest assured we are very excited, and we are very calculated.

What we’re doing is shaping the future we want for Ernest and for people like him. More selfishly, I’m looking to create the life I wish to live, not the one fickle employers and faux-leaders promise.

The most exciting job I’ve applied for in my last two months of job searching is a part-time position at Powell’s Books in Portland. I sit awake each night thinking of ways to make sure I lock down a position at one of their stores. I miss that world of books and free-spirits and knowledge on every wall.

I’ve been slowly coming to the realization that I am not a superhero. I was born gifted in some areas, like my ability to absorb and recall information, or my almost-super-human ability to focus and concentrate for hours and days on end. But, you know what? I don’t think I can work a 40+ hour career job, get my MBA, establish the business I want to run, raise a boy with special needs, potentially have another child, and be a good husband, let alone a good friend, all at the same time.

You’ll come understand much of what I’m doing and what our business venture entails in the coming months. For now, let’s just say we’re working on content and advocacy for businesses, non-profits, and organizations that embrace uniqueness, diversity, inclusion, and social or environmental good. Werbach C&A is a one-stop, sliding-scale, content and advocacy shop with affordable, quick, capacity-building solutions to your content and creative needs. For now, that is. Because I’m getting my MBA and I’m reading every start-up and business book I can, and in this new economy and new world we don’t put too much time into exactly what the product is. Instead, the work of the company is to Build, Measure, and then Learn, over and over again, until the customer has helped you create the supply of the product they demand.

There are too many goals and too much change to have a New Year’s Resolution, but I will make some predictions, tinged with a good deal of hope.

· My combined monthly salary (part-time job and new-company income) will surpass my old Chamber salary by the month of October, 2018

· Ernest will thrive among larger, more diverse crowds everywhere from school, to the neighborhood, to the children’s museum

· Ann will continue to realize the enormous social hole that has silently opened around us, and she will welcome the droves of Portland friends into her life

· Huck will finally get that fenced-in backyard that he wants and deserves

· I will be tired, often, and I will hardly be able to remember what life was like in 2017

· My blog/newsletter audience will grow more than 10-fold

· Our business will grow responsibly and healthfully as I build the foundation while earning my MBA

· Ann will become very involved in Down syndrome and special needs advocacy

· Comments from our parents will be along the lines of “You both seem so much happier,” and “Things really worked out great for you guys”

· OK, why not, the Cavaliers and Indians will win titles

Thank you for picking up the Importance of Ernest habit at the end of the year, and thanks in advance for joining us this year as we share the monumental changes coming to the Werbach family. Happy New Year. May our 2,018th trip around the sun since the birth of the Christian savior be one of our collective best.

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