Party City Slurs Celiac Disease

Lise Broer
Jan 23, 2018 · 2 min read

A Party City commercial airing this week refers to gluten-free options as “gross.”

The following dialog takes place between two actors setting up for a party.

Woman at left: Those are some gluten-free options.

Woman at right: Do we even know people that are like that?

Woman at left: Tina.

Woman at right: Oh, gross, yeah.

An NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio aired a news report on the controversial ad. Party City did not reply to the station’s request for comment. The full commercial can be viewed here.

Later today Party City posted an apology to its Facebook page, in which it says it removed the offending commercial from the air and is making an unspecified donation for Celiac Disease research.

Party City’s response, 22 January 2018

Yet hours after the apology, multiple responses said the commercial had continued to air.

The NBC station credits a blogger who goes by the handle of “Gluten Dude” for calling attention to the matter. As of this writing the Gluten Dude site returns a 403 error.

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