Please open your mind; this could be the solution to so many people’s ailments.
Krista Pierce

Thank you for coming here, Krista. This post has a followup you might find interesting because it’s specifically about open mindedness, alternative treatment, and food allergies.

Open mindedness consists of holding the same consistent standard of evidence for all possible avenues of treatment. It would be wonderful if NAET works as well as you say. One way you might add to that evidence is by raising the topic of becoming a scientific case study the next time you meet with your healthcare provider. So far there are only two relevant case studies in the medical literature; you might become the third. Another possible route would be to encourage your provider to initiate a clinical trial of NAET. So far there have been no such studies.

I look forward to seeing that evidence and, in true open minded spirit, would gladly revise my opinion accordingly.