A Brazilian Gay Related Drama
Ethan Max Ribeiro

Ethan I’m sorry for the beatings you had to endure in school. I wish I could take away the pain for everyone in that situation. I have a picture of gay guy who was murdered down there going home from a club where he worked. Once in a while I come across it and it breaks my heart and at the same time I want to get my hands on the people that murdered him just because he was gay. :(

I have no problems with men and women together or racially mixed couple, so why can’t society see being gay is no different. Why do the racists bigots focus mostly on who we have sex with. Seems to me they are the ones with issues, since they think about gay guys sexual relationships.

I want society as a whole to learn to accept us as just a friend or another person on the street. Not some perceived abnormal sexual predator that we are painted with. Religious sections of society have an unhealthy obsession when it comes to needing to interject themselves in gay culture.

Unfortunately I’m concerned that the USA is going to go backwards in keeping the equality that was fought for these past years. The new President and Vice-President elect have some less than stellar goals for gay society here.

Take care Ethan, from one of the family up north. :)