The Problem with “Masc4Masc”
Michael Noker

Love the article Michael. I have a hard time with the word Fem. It does sound demeaning and the gay community has enough on it’s plate to be stigmatized by another guy simply for being just themselves. Myself, I love being around guys that are being themselves and not having to fake it to fit in. And I’ll be damned if I get embarrassed just because someone I’m with says, like OMG, or gurl. If someone wants to watch sports I’m all for it. I’ll even sit with you and ask questions about the game. (hint), I know nothing about sports. I’ll scream like a girl if a spider pops out at me, doesn’t mean I won’t fiercely protect my BF/Husband if threatened. Glad I found this site, and you. Look forward to more reading. Take care.