As engineers we are remarkably badly trained in thinking about cost. I don’t mean some big O order of magnitude cost but real dollar cost. You could given me five fault-tolerant algorithms and almost with my eyes closed I could pick the best one. But if you would then ask me what the difference would be in cost between the best and second-best when the system would start to scale I would falter.

I learned how to incorporate cost into architecture the hard way. At the margins are, as in most retail, razor thin and as such any fluctuation…

My travels are many. I will probably circle around the globe 3 or 4 times a year. I still very much enjoy it; whether it is meeting new people or catching up with people you met some time ago, most of these encounters are intense. They have often prepared well to meet you and you have to give your absolute best every time again. It is exciting every time. I have some favorite places to travel to, but in general I am happy to go just anywhere. With one exception: India.

I love India. The moment you step out of…

Werner Vogels

is an engineer, architect, scientist, programmer, data analyst, evangelist, disruptor, investor, mentor, advisor, debater, father, biker and CTO @

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