While I’m Still Ambulatory

The Pacific Crest Trail is slow-motion parkour

for 10 hours a day.

It was like boyhood again, except this time I’m older

every step a privilege

and I brought too much stuff.

“Write your own damn book,” a friend said

regarding my novicely-heavy backpack.

I left my monument of comfort and leisure

broke the boots in with a 6-hour car-ride

and found joy in the continuously arduous.

Without a phone,

one stops longer

taking note of available beauty experienced.

Receding blues

and the bar-code of god-light,

play a valley


The humble and extraordinary,

we wore into the trail cloth

walking till the end of August.

250 miles of Sections I and H

almost cured my achilles.

Dreaming now

of bears and song and dancing

and next summer’s good medicine.

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