It’s a little weird that you mention “grain-free” pizza and then neglect to mention exactly how…
Sam Ursu

Sam, thanks for the thoughtful comments. Below is a response from Cindy which she emailed to me as she had trouble posting directly. I’ll be sure to pass along any additional questions/comments you have.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your comment. We intend to make our pizza crust from nut flours, which are not only grain free, but also full of wonderful nutrients like vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and high-quality protein; they also contain high levels of healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

Technically, a processed food is one that has in some way been altered from its natural state. This broad definition even includes peeling, chopping, slicing and cooking, so you’re correct, we will be processing our foods in some fashion. The food industry processes foods to make them convenient to cook and eat. They also process foods to preserve them, allow long-term shelf life and for safety purposes such as killing bacteria. We will be freezing our foods immediately after we prepare and cook them to preserve all of their nutritional value. In my opinion, the problem comes when food is so altered from its original state that it barely resembles what it once was, or it is loaded with fillers, binders, trans fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers, excessive amounts of sodium and sugar, and numerous additives. This is what we will NOT be putting into our food. We will only use whole, natural, organic, GMO free ingredients.