If I’m always wrong, and your always right, then obviously loving someone who is never right is wrong of you to do tonight.

I’m right to be wrong about loving you to, I’m wrong about allowing your love for me to, seems confusing this right from wrong opinionated so strong from the judgment of people who will never move on, will never get along, will never be as strong as the love we have, we carry on, and on right passed the judges of hatred to which we are right to love, they were the ones that are wrong. I feel we might be as right, as right as this love we both share tonight.

I feel so alone, when you are not here, even when you are are, I still feel the same, thoughts emerge frequently that you may not be next year, seems like life is a game and emotions stay near.

We got past the hard times, like we planned in the start, We didn’t realize the hardest times were permanent, they remain in the heart. People tell each other over and over again, I’ll love you forever and ever all the way to the end. Why not be happy with, I’ll love you til tomorrow, because tomorrow may be the end and then your left with the sorrow, the prayers to God you weep out, please one more day with my lover! Just one more day can I borrow. I’ll do anything Lord if I can please love them tomorrow! So for all who have doubted us My Love just remember one fact, if you still love me tomorrow, then I was right for loving you back. We were never wrong for yesterday, nor are we wrong for today. We can’t help our heart’s Matched I’m certain of that.