Do You Know About Skills Cracking, For Skills Stacking?

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About 95% of the people I speak to view business as tough, and I hear about their problems with:

  • lack of leads,
  • limited cash flow,
  • chasing after clients,
  • wasting time with the wrong prospects,
  • being too busy to attract new business,
  • building commercial value, and
  • being too busy to spend time with the people they love and so on.

When I ask them why there are other people creating extraordinary levels of achievement and success, the most common responses I get back is “those ones are just lucky, or their situation is uniquely different”.

Here’s the thing — after being in business for 20+ years I can tell you that I see a completely different perspective, which I recommend.

There are two ways you can win in your business, and win very big too!

The first way involves being really talented at something and then developing that talent into a professional skill, like Michael Jackson did with his singing and dancing. Even though as a kid I wanted to sing and dance like Michael Jackson, I couldn’t. And, I think the majority of people in the world would agree they too couldn’t be as good.

The other way most people can win big, with effort, is to learn and combine multiple skills that work effectively together. I call this my multi approaching method, Skills Cracking, For Skills Stacking.

For instance, I’m one of the most in-demand at what I do to help businesses, and I’ve never attended a high school commerce class. However, very few people are as good with combining marketing, business modernization and higher performance with strategy. Once you add to that my average to good sense of humor, my good communication skills, my strong business skills and work ethic, my risk tolerance, my public speaking, my understanding of people’s behaviour and persuasion, and my love of building relationships and passion for inspiring others, all those combined make me fairly unique. And, that uniqueness has good commercial value.

Now consider large organizations, or top government offices, even small business owners or public personalities — the really successful ones don’t just rely on one individual that is world class, but they do get help from some of the best world class advisors around them. I’ve had the privilege to help some of them, because of the skills stack I developed for myself.

Anyway, the point I’m making here is if you develop and combine a variety of ordinary skills that work effectively together, you’ll win a lot more in business and life.

If you are wondering what to add to your existing skills; maybe a useful second language, or public speaking, or behavioural communication and persuasion which will make you way more effective. I’ve just mentioned a few examples off the top of my head because you need to work out which specific skills you need to add to your arsenal for a skills stack that works well together.

Balls in your court now, work out and learn whatever skills you believe will work well together for you and add those to your skills stack!

@Wesam Fawzi

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