Benefits of Dental Insurances at Mexico

“ You can use your American Dental insurance in Mexico. Some Mexican dentists can direct bill your insurance provider on an insurance-by-insurance basis. The vast majority of Mexican dentists cannot direct bill your dental insurance provider but they will complete the paperwork for you to submit”.

If you have Delta Dental, Aetna Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, Cigna Dental Insurance, DentaMax, MetLife Dental or United Concordia Dental Insurance your Mexican dental clinic will happily complete the reimbursement form to submit to your dental insurance provider.

Just think if you have the right dental insurance you can save 70% on your dental care and have a portion of the 30% you pay out-of-pocket paid for your dental insurance provider. Schedule your next visit to the dentist in Mexico today!

Dental health insurance plans vary widely. You should know how your plan is designed, since this can significantly affect the plan’s coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Direct Reimbursement programs reimburse patients a predetermined percentage of the total dollar amount spent on dental care, regardless of treatment category. This method typically does not exclude coverage based on the type of treatment needed, allows patients to go to the dentist of their choice, and provides incentive for the patient to work with the dentist toward healthy and economically sound solutions.
  • “Usual, Customary, and Reasonable” (UCR) programs usually allow patients to go to the dentist of their choice. These plans pay a set percentage of the dentist’s fee or the plan administrator’s “reasonable” or “customary” fee limit, whichever is less. These limits are the result of a contract between the plan purchaser and the third-party payer. Although these limits are called “customary,” they may or may not accurately reflect the fees that area dentists charge. There is wide fluctuation and lack of government regulation on how a plan determines the “customary” fee level.
  • Table or Schedule of Allowance programs determine a list of covered services with an assigned dollar amount. That dollar amount represents just how much the plan will pay for those services that are covered, regardless of the fee charged by the dentist. The difference between the allowed charge and the dentist’s fee is billed to the patient.
  • Capitation programs pay contracted dentists a fixed amount (usually on a monthly basis) per enrolled family or patient. In return, the dentists agree to provide specific types of treatment to the patients at no charge (for some treatments there may be a patient co-payment). The capitation premium that is paid may differ greatly from the amount the plan provides for the patient’s actual dental care.

Insurance investigation steps:

  • Check to see if your Mexican dentist accepts your dental plan: Here are two examples of clinics that accept American dental insurance: Castle Dental, Dental Spana.
  • Contact your dental insurance provider and enquire on their reimbursement policy for Mexico dental treatment. If your dental insurance provider accepts Mexican dental treatment download and print their reimbursement forms and present to your Mexican dentist after completing your dental care. Here is an example of reimbursement forms from: Delta Dental, Cigna Dental Insurance.
You don’t need pay very money to have a amazing dental treatment.

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