Three Privacy Fence Ideas You Will Love

Privacy can be a very hard thing to come by if you live in a neighborhood where your nearest neighbor is only a fraction of an acre away. As much as you may love your neighbors, you also want to enjoy time in the solitude of your own yard. Whether you are swimming, sun tanning, or just reading a book, it’s nice to know you’re not on display like a fish in an aquarium. One of the best ways to achieve this type of separation is to install a beautiful yet functional privacy fence.

The Stepped Design

A stepped design utilizes a tall fence corner that stretches in opposite directions, becoming a bit shorter every few feet. It gives the appearance of steps, and when placed behind the right focal point like stunning landscaping or impressive hardscaping, this stepped privacy fence can transform the appearance of the property. Many homeowners opt for this choice if they don’t want an extremely tall privacy fence stretching around the entire perimeter of their yard. This design can lend privacy where it is needed most, then go easier on the rest of the space.

Give Time For Vines to Grow

One of the most beautiful privacy fence designs out there combines the basic trellis fence structure with fast growing vines to create a green sanctuary that feels less like a fence and more like a garden. Considering that plants and gardens have been shown time and time again to reduce stress, generate tranquility, and help people escape the daily worries of their lives, this type of privacy fence could not only improve your curb appeal but also your mood! Use a reliable fencing company to determine a material that can withstand the pressure of growing vines, and then select a fence friendly vine that is known to grow safely. Aluminum and vinyl are more durable for this design.

Slatted Wood

Wood is one of the most popular materials to use for a backyard fence, but long, tall privacy fences make some people feel trapped. There is a very simple solution to that: simple design a wooden privacy fence will small spaces between each slat of wood. This allows for light to shine through without giving curious onlookers the ability to peer in. The slatted wood technique is even popular on rooftops in industrial and commercial city districts because they help instill a feeling of peace and calm in an otherwise loud, busy city. Blending a slatted wood fence with beautiful plants, like low green hedges and tall colorful trees, just makes the effect even more appealing.

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