Work Related Injuries According to Georgia’s Workers’ Comp Law

Within the state of Georgia, only ‘on-the-job’ injuries will entitle you to receive workers’ compensation benefits. We’re here to help you learn what those are. While the specific wording of the legislation leaves a good amount of wiggle room for this definition, it does state several specific examples of what does not count.

The Supreme Court of Georgia has held that the following injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Injuries that occur during an employee’s commute to or from work
  • An injury caused while violating safety rules
  • An injury sustained while intoxicated
  • An injury caused by the willful act of a third person directed against an employee for personal reasons

It is also significant to know what benefits a family is entitled to receive in the case of wrongful death at the workplace. When a worker dies on the job, a spouse and their minor children are entitled to 2/3 of the deceased workers’ wage up to $525/week until the minors are 18.

The Cade Parian Law Firm, LLC serves workers’ compensation clients in Douglasville, Cedartown, LaGrange, Newnan, Bremen, and Rome. We are dedicated to providing you with aggressive representation when your employer is challenging your claim to the benefits you deserve. If you or a loved one has been affected by workplace injury, call Cade Parian today to set up your free consulation.

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